About Our Gym

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Experience You Can Trust

Our staff is made up of trainers/coaches with experience. Each staff member is certified in the field of functional fitness. Our head trainer has over 7 years training experience from youth level clients to 65 year old grandparents. No matter your age, fitness and health level we have the experience to help you with your goals.

Our Community

We are not like your typical commercial gym. Here at SayFit all of our members know each others name, their kids names and their background. Unlike a commercial gym we all talk with each other and become friends with one another. This is more than working out! Its about meeting people with like minded goals and joining together to create a positive atmosphere to improve our fitness.

Support System

Everyone in our gym has their own individual fitness goals but we all want to see each other succeed. You can expect to have everyone support you 100% with anything you need because we aren’t just a gym were are a support system.


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